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VFX Compositing

Focused on the 2D and 3D compositing tool Autodesk Flame that integrates all the necessary solutions, from ingesting and conforming to finishing and final delivery.

They work in total synchrony with other departments that make up the fixed structure of Serena, such as Motion Graphics,(After Effects) and 3D solutions for VFX: Cinema 4D, Houdini, The Foundry Nuke, 3D Max and Maya. Colour grading (Davinci Resolve) ACES workflow when required,Editing,(Premiere, Adobe Suite) Match moving tools to integrate camera and real image with CGI.

Continuously researching and integrating all the latest solutions and innovations offered in the exciting and ever-evolving world of Visual Effects, Unreal, Photogrammetry, Deepfake, bodycapture, facecapture, as well as Virtual Production into its workflow.

Colour Grading

Whether your project is a feature film, short film, documentary, TV commercial, corporate or social media video, our expertise in colour correction and colour grading will breathe amazing new colour and light into your project, from set to screen. Real-time grading is based on the ACES environment with DaVinci Resolve, complemented in the workflow with VFX plus beauty capabilities with Flame.

Regardless of whether we are involved from the beginning of the filming process or we join the project in the post-production delivery stage, the Colour process always ensures the best artistic and technical skills of our team and the very latest software and hardware technology.

In addition we have a Spirit scanner on which we can perform photochemical restoration in real time.


Our video editing suites are designed to work quickly, efficiently and collaboratively. Serena´s editors are specialized, being proficent with the most popular editing software, Premiere, Resolve, Final Cat Pro X,, we focus our efforts into discovering new artistic and aesthetic paths, with the appropiate rhythm and narrative of sequences to. deliver the best high ended results.

Motion Graphics & Cinema 4D

With a strong emphasis on design and art direction, we ensure that every project we produce is meticulously brand-focused. We’ve created motion graphics design for some of the largest and most prestigious brands in the world, constantly inspiring us to create the best possible productions. We use the full range of industry software at our disposal, including After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Realflow, among others, collaborating with the most experienced professionals to create compelling, eye-catching, memorable Motion Graphics.

With a focus on quality, our motion graphic artists are fast and reliable, creating visually engaging motion graphics for a broad range of applications including adverts, mobile app videos, websites, broadcast graphics, and internal communications.


Thanks to our extensive experience in post-production and sound design, SERENA is a preferred studio in the advertising industry, for TV, film, radio, and digital content. Our sound engineers create soundtracks by mixing original music composed in-house with voices and sound effects designed by us or selected from our extensive library.
We collaborate with national and international voice talents, dubbing artists, actors and celebrities, with an extensive portfolio that includes more than a thousand entries in our voice casting database.
4 sound suites and 3 voice-over suites for digital audio production and post-production in stereo and 5.1 environments. Having a direct connection and advantageous agreements with other post-production studios streamlines the workflow and makes it more dynamic and efficient.
We can make connections with any studio in the world through our ISDN lines (APT, APT-X and CCS codecs) and Source Connect.


Advertising uses images to convey the experiences, qualities, and sensations offered by a product. The real value of advertising photography is the unforgettable memory it leaves in the consumer after they turn the page or move onto the next screen.
Our production team, in a pre-shoot session, works on the key concepts the client wishes to convey.
Through different photographic techniques, lighting styles, and digital retouching in post-production, we compose images that create a high visual impact and which will play a crucial role in the success of the campaign. We take photographs for product catalogs, packaging, packshot, commercial presentations or web pages that will impact even the most demanding consumer.


We produce premium branded content, from TV commercials to documentaries, scripted social content, animations, motion graphics, design, and everything in between. Using our in-house production and post-production team, we strike a balance between the best pre-production and post-production practices and premium video shooting production.
We believe in the power of quality .

International Voice Talent Agency

Speak to the world

The Intengua Voice Talent Agency offers a fast, effective, high-quality service for international audiovisual content based in Madrid.
Intengua has more than 70 languages from 5 continents and a database of more than 1500 samples of male and female voices.
If you want to make yourself known around the world and you need a voice for any type of audiovisual format, you can always count on our team. We will carry out a specific and fast search for your case, thanks to our advanced database system.

Come and “Speak to the world”