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About us

Who We Are

Serena is an award-winning boutique production and post-production studio. Since 2002, our mission has been to deliver the best, most trusted, and value-added audiovisual post-production service on the market.

Serena is all about skilled planning, expertise, and flawless execution: by integrating all the departments involved in the whole post-production process within a single studio, we anticipate problems, improve processes, and deliver solutions.

Our philosophy is based on


Serena’s culture is about having the conviction to do the right thing, in the right way, in spite of looming deadlines and any obstacles we might encounter along the way. We successfully carve a path through complex challenges while offering high-end solutions for any content and any purpose, anywhere in the world.

We are committed to maintaining an environment where all team members’ voices can be heard, and their unique artistic vision can shine. Let’s make something great together!

Meet The Team

Why this works…

We have a group of highly qualified professionals mentoring our newer members, who in turn keep things fresh and bring with them the latest trends. Through a fixed structure, our team will be on hand 24 hours a day to support and manage all your production needs.

Want to meet them?

Walid Saad


Lourdes de Ángeles


Francisco Montoya


Luis Huete

Operations Manager

José Antonio Pedraza

Senior Executive Producer frequent collaborator

David González

IT Manager

Rafael Ambit Gallardo

Senior IT Admin

Ángeles Bermejo

Head of Serena Sonido

Chus Pueyo

Senior Sound Producer

Teresa González

Senior Sound Producer

Isabel González

Junior Sound Producer

Borja Torallas

Sound Design Technical Manager

Alberto Delgado

Senior Sound Designer

Pepe Manchado

Senior Sound Designer

Encina Rivas

Voice Talent Agency Manager

Cristina Fuentes

Head of Production

Esther Jesús

Senior Account Producer

Chema Abizanda

Senior Production Coordinator frequent collaborator

Beatriz Descalzo

Senior Producer

MariPaz Hernández

Senior Producer

Marta Badillo

Senior Producer

Adolfo Atienza


Andrea de Aldecoa

Junior Producer

Pedro Martínez


Héctor López

Senior Flame Artist

Pablo González

Senior Flame Artist

Luis de Vicente

Senior Flame Artist

Manuel Montenegro

Senior Flame Artist

Miguel Ángel González

Senior Online Editor frequent collaborator

Johnny Sardi

Senior VFX Editor

Marina Alberch García

Senior VFX editor

María Rodríguez

Head of Graphic Design

Javier Salcedo

Graphic Designer

Blanca Monagas

Senior Colorist frequent collaborator

Luis Sánchez

Accounting Manager

Raquel Guaza

Senior Administrator

Iván Rozas

Quality Control

Marta Muñoz



Head of Security